StarCraft 2 Coming in July

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The trailer just has me quivering with excitement as the Star Craft 2 Wings of Liberty is set to release on July 27th 2010. I remember when I bought the first Starcraft and took an entire week PTO from work just to play the game. The innovation and style made StarCraft among the best real time strategy games of its day, this was when Blizzard and Westwood Studios were the heavy players in the RTS arena. Before Westwood was bought out by EA and division shut down in 2003 that is.

This is just a teaser trailer but the animation is top notch and really has that gritty feel (marines are very similar to Dawn of War 40K series it would appear).

I hope my aging PC is powerful enough to play StarCraft 2, I have an older video card and CPU from like 3 years ago, I probably won’t be able to play with all the bells and whistles enabled, but will be looking forward to it.

One of my favorite features of the original Starcraft game were the custom maps and editor, there were so many online customizations and variations on the game. People had created RPG like starcraft adventures, tweaked units to have different strengths and make bosses. Some of the creative maps, adventures and modules of the original starcraft are what kepts its longevity around for so long, I hope Starcraft 2 has that kind of flexibility.

I wonder if I am going to be able to keep up blogging when I dive into Starcraft 2, I only have so many hours in a week, and for me to make room for a game something has to give.

-Justin Germino

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