No More Working Nine To Five

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The combination of technological advances and globalization of the workforce has led to rapidly decreasing nine to five job.  I especially find this to be true in IT Technology where you have to support systems and staff who are on timezones from all over the country and the world.  I myself work with people from coast to coast as coworkers, customers and although I try to work between the hours of eight to five am often called in much earlier sometimes as early as six thirty because it is already past nine on the East coast.

This blur in working hours is primarily a benefit (though I do work more hours) it shows just how much the world has changed and is changing in terms of support and working across the globe.  It means that companies need to have staff operating in various countries or people working various shifts to cover the entire array of business operating hours globally.  This also further causes more and more corporations in more countries to be reliant on each other for staffing and other reasons which only futher intertwines the various countries and organizations working together.

It should be interesting to see in the future where when you want to apply for a job, you just merely contact a company in one of any number of countries and apply online, and work via Internet channels or VPN lines for most fields and functions.  You could find just as many Americans employed by companies in other countries as the reverse, and in a truly global economy the best are found and employed no matter what country they live in.

At least in theory this is how it should all work, and will eventually I am quite sure.

-Justin Germino

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