Did You WOW Your Partner Today?

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Ask yourself one simple question:

Did you WOW your partner today?

If you cannot say that you have, then think back and remember when the last time you completely surprised or amazed your spouse or loved one with a special gift, note, thought or action that took him or her by surprise.  If you have to spend more than a minute to think about when the last time was, then you obviously need to take action immediately.  Don’t fret, you don’t need to spend money if you are financially strapped, or do anything that takes a huge amount of time.

Some things you can do are the following and your spouse or loved one would be truly and pleasantly surprised.

  • Leave a love letter in a place they will find it sometime during the day (on their computer keyboard, attached to the fridge) preferably somewhere they won’t run into it first thing in the morning, but sometime in the middle of the day.
  • Get up a 1/2 hour before your partner and do last nights dishes or make sure the trash is taken out before they wake up.  (These simple chores do wonders and if you actually take some of your partners daily activities and complete them, they will very much notice and appreciate it)
  • If your up early anyway, run out and pick up your partner’s favorite Starbucks and perhaps a small bouquet of flowers (roses, or carnations) whatever your budget allows and flower type your partner likes best.
  • Draw your partner a picture (even if you can’t draw), if you draw a simple childlike doodle and have his or her as the focus of your drawing the will appreciate it and be surprised.
  • Write your partner a quick poem, say anything and say it abstractly.  You don’ t need to be a writer, you don’t need to be a poem, just jot things down from the heart, nothing needs to rhyme or have form.

Bottom line is that you should make sure you take some time out of your busy schedule to take your loved one completely by surprise with a random act of love and kindness, these types of unpredictable acts keep life interesting and help make for a wonderful memory that they will likely never forget.

-Justin Germino

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