Windows Server 2008 Frustrating

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I spent much of Friday and this weekend frustrated by an issue at work trying to work on a customers Windows 2008 Server with their IIS 7 install, it would seem that the IIS 7 was corrupted in some way, and I spent several hours at night and this weekend trying to research and figure out the issue so I would have something to go back to work with on Monday morning.  Alas, I just have to keep poking at the issue, I found numerous issues with similar problems on the web, but all responses involve re-installing the IIS 7 server.

So far I am not liking Windows Server 2008 at all, its lousy Vista like interface and constant popups for Administrator access (even though your account is listed as an Administrator) cause nothing but problems.

-Justin Germino

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Updated: August 8, 2009 — 4:46 pm