Punch Out Finally Arrived for Wii

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Last night Punch-Out finally arrived from GameFly and I was eager to give it a whirl, remembering my old NES days playing Mike Tyson’s Punch Out. The game has the same cartoonish look and feel, and even the same characters from the original but with updated graphics, moves and some clever playing tactics that make it truly unique.

You can play the game with a single Wiimote but you would not be doing the Wii justice by using the controller like a NES controller, where the game really shines is plugging in the Nunchuck and using the Wii Balance board that comes with Wii Fit.

Combining these 3 accessories and you are able to play a boxing game where you throw punches (though you have to use the nunchuck control stick and Wiimote A button to control whether you punch high or low) and you dodge by leaning your body left or right. The dodging and punching combination make this a truly immersive boxing game and you will feel yourself getting a work out, since you actually have to twist and bend your body to dodge incoming punches.

In head to head mode the Balance Board is not supported by my kids who are nearly six and three years of age were having a blast holding the wiimote and nunchuks and throwing punches at each other on screen. Even my three year old who can’t master the combination’s of dodging could simply throw his arms back and forth and get in a few good punches with his character.

So far I have only played Punch Out for about thirty minutes, but it seems like it was worth the wait.

-Justin Germino

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