My Personal Chipotle Burrito Challenge

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Chipotle is one of my favorite places my wife and I go to eat as of late, and it isn’t uncommon to see us frequent the local Chipotle’s twice a week on some weeks.  Their fresh ingredients and ridiculously delicious guacamole and barbacoa keep me constantly coming back.

So I challenge myself with new burrito creations each time and I always get a barbacoa burrito while switching out and altering the fix-ins.  The fajita peppers with pinto beans and the awesome jasmine rice is a great start, from there I build further by adding pico de gallo, corn, gu0acamole, shredded lettuce and sometimes shredded cheese.  I vary the amounts of each mixture but recently with my fix-ins I reached my largest burrito combo of all time.

This behemoth was so large that the lady assembling this monster couldn’t fold the burrito closed without wrapping it in a 2nd layer of tortilla.





When it was finished we are talking about a monstrous burrito so big, so grand that it stood on its side like a tower.  It had to be eaten from the top down and couldn’t be picked up by human hands!


This my friends was a Chipotle Barbacoa Burrito that would make Adam Richman from Man vs Food proud.

-Justin Germino

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