You Waited for Today… You Schmuck!

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For those who waited until the day of Valentines day to decide to get flowers, make a restaurant reservation or do something special I say good luck.  When I called some places weeks ago they had only a few slots open for V-day, I imagine it would be almost impossible to get in at a fancy place if you haven’t made plans weeks in advance.

For those who only do something special on Valentines day, you really are missing the whole point as well.  Waiting one day a year to show your partner how special they are doesn’t have much value if you ignore them the rest of the year.  Appreciation, respect and love should be given often and I don’t mean spending money or breaking the bank, but simple appreciations can mean the world to some people.

This is your chance to try and make up for forgetting other dates, misplacing priorities and working too much or too late and not spending the extra time cozying by a fireplace or curled up to play a board game or watch a movie.  Make a pact to treat your partner to at least 1 special night each month, and Valentines day itself won’t seem like such a momentous thing because at least every month you have a special day that means just as much.

I will be honest and say it was much easier dating my wife before we had kids, now it requires more planning to try and get a date night alone so we can coordinate Grandma to babysit.  That doesn’t mean we still don’t spend time together, and rarely a night goes by that we don’t spend at least 2-3 hours together doing something.  Typically it is watching TV curled up on the couch together which is my idea of the perfect evening…(almost)

PS.  Happy Valentines day to my lovely wife Shona who means everything to me and is the source of all that is right in my world.  This is our 15th Valentines day celebrated together and I would do all 15 years again just to still be here at her side. 

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