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I often promote that IZEA is among my top companies that pay bloggers to earn money from their blogs and Twitter accounts and I like to backup my claim with some hard proof.  Here is my 2010 1099-MISC from IZEA showing my earnings from SocialSpark, InPostLinks, PayPerPost and SponsoredTweets combined since they are all from the same parent company you get one 1099-MISC which makes it easier when filing your taxes.


$1266.77 for one year from one company may not seem all that much but remember this is but one of more than twenty online companies that I use to make money online and you can read more about them.  If you use say 10 companies and each one gives you an annual 1099 like this then you can easily be making some 12k+ per year from your blogging efforts.  This isn’t bad from a blogging hobby that I spend about 20 hours per week on and this doesn’t even include that I earn at least as much from AdSense and selling advertising space on my blog. 

SocialSpark by far earned me the most for my blogs in both 2009 and 2010 and the average of $15 – $25 payment for a review with a couple of reviews per month kept my income steady and spread out.  The highest quality and biggest name brand advertisers can be found on SocialSpark as well.

So while I don’t make enough money to quit my day job, I have no intention to.  I blog because it brings some extra income to help with bills and to help treat the family and myself to some fun stuff.  I always enjoy taking the kids to the movies and paying for it with blog earnings, or buying a new DVD or video game with my blog earnings.  I have even used my blog earnings for taking my wife out on a date or paying for part of our Las Vegas getaway.

In just over two years I have pretty much reached a point where I earn no less than $200-250 per month blogging and it can only go up from here, this is something I can be proud of.  The best thing is that if I was able to reach this than anybody can, I really don’t consider myself doing anything in the blogosphere that anybody else can’t do.

-Justin Germino

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