My Opinions On Proposition 8 And Gay Marriage

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There is not enough love in this world already and in a world full of hate two people who find love and want to share it with each other are denied equal rights just because they are not of the same gender?  Wake Up world the ancient bigotries and ways of thinking are illogical and only deny the expression of love and freedom.

Homosexuality has existed for as long as mankind has existed, science continues to prove that you are born gay not made that way by society or behaviorally.  There are actual scientific MRI scans of homosexuals brains that show the chemistry and neural pathways are wired differently than strait people.  It is not a sin to be gay, it is not choosing evil or being wrong.  It is simply you were created that way and is no different than if you are born with brown eyes or blond hair.

People who oppose gay marriage are denying the fact that most strait marriages are horrible, end up in divorce and children who are born to wed couples who fight and argue cause much more emotional harm than if they grew up in a loving happy gay household.  In recent states where laws ban gay people from adopting children is absurd, these children are in orphanages and have no homes and family and yet you really think they would be better off in foster care bouncing from place to place rather than being adopted by a gay couple who wants to share their love with them?

Absolute lunacy and I am actually glad that Arnold Schwarzenegger even though he is a republican stands up for his belief that gay marriage should be legal.  He has never failed to break with his party line to stand up for his beliefs and that is what makes him a decent politician at least in this matter.

  • In Summary –

We are rapidly moving toward a world of acceptance but the change is taking place ever so slowly we will eventually see gay as nothing more than a difference in someone as skin color but the bigotry and extreme right need to stop imposing their twisted sense of morality on others.  Deny those members from being allowed in your church, don’t associate but don’t impose your believes on the rest of society, this is a free society and people should be free to live without restriction, how is it hurting you and your family if the gay couple down the street are “married” instead of just “living together”.  If they are willing to take the same contractual commitment as a straight couple, go through the same financial, emotional and daily struggles as any other normal couple.

Ban this hatred folks and be more open and tolerant in life.

-Justin Germino

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