Things I Like About Being Married

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I was doing my routine browsing of fellow blog sites and came across Are You Kidding Me, where an article was posted about things that the author liked about being single.  I thought it would be cool to write a list of things I like about being married to match.

  1. I can wake up in the morning with someone instead of alone
  2. I don’t have to go out, I have good company at home
  3. I have someone I can share my fears with
  4. I have someone I can share my joy with
  5. I don’t have to take care of the house all by myself
  6. I have someone to challenge me to be a better person
  7. I have a best friend and more
  8. After after an argument or a fight we can see each other
  9. I have someone to share hopes and dreams with
  10. I have love and unless you are in it you can’t know how magnificent it is

Now, one could argue many of the benefits of being single like not getting into fights, arguments, nitpicking, quirks, making compromises, being with one person.  But for some reason I am hardwired different than most people because I actually don’t have any interest in playing the game of meeting new people or finding someone else.  I never was a going out super social type, I always prefered dinner and a quiet movie at home, or if I do go out.  I love vacationing with cruises and exploring, and these are more fun with someone you know and are comfortable with rather than someone you barely know, since you will be spending a lot of close time together.

It’s fun to be single for many people, I have several recently divorced friends who are enjoying the single life, but to be honest, I like being in love and being married.  I would take all of the bad with the good because when you are with someone, you are not just living for yourself you are living to bring happiness to someone else and in my opinion doing things for others are more rewarding than spending your entire life just for yourself.

-Justin Germino

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