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This site is finally listed on the BlogNetAwards and is listed in the Best Diarist category.  I am so pleased to be part of this website, now all four of my blogs are listed on BlogNetAwards in various categories.  I have the following blogs listed and their respective categories:

Dragon Blogger – Best Technology Blog

Justin Germino – Best Diarist Blog

Wanderer Thoughts – Best Poetry Blog

Rock Along Productions – Best Music Blog

To all my fans and followers, if you like my blogs take some time to vote for me and let others know what you think of my blogs.  If you are a blogger or even a fan of another blog I encourage you to vote for them, or if they aren’t listed nominate your favorite blog on BlogNetAwards, you get an entry for commenting and voting as well as nominating, you could win up to $250 dollars prize for commenting, voting and/or submitting a blog.  I won $250 in October just for commenting and doing some voting, it turned out to be $195 USD after PayPal took out a Canadian -> US dollar conversion fee and such, but was so great to be paid just for commenting and voting.

Thanks to everyone who continues to encourage and inspire me to be the best blogger, poet, and contributor the blog community that I can be.

-Justin Germino

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