Romantic Idea Series – Flowers Never Get Old

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This is another addition to my series on Romantic Idea’s that I have either done or thought of over the years.  Lets face it, if you have been with your partner for many years you want to do little touches to keep the passion and romance alive.  These idea’s and tips are designed to have minimal cost and maximum impact in showing the person you love how much you care for them.

Flowers are something that every woman loves and likes to receive, and if you want to save some money instead of paying for a floral arrangement, build one yourself for a fraction of the cost.  Go to your local grocery store whether it be Fry’s, Safeway or even Walmart, and buy 1 dozen roses, 1/2 dozen carnations, and some Baby’s Breath.  Now, dark velvet red roses and baby’s breath are a classic and don’t need carnations but don’t always get red flowers.  Use flowers to express your moods, even get some mixed colors like white, yellow and pink roses.

Create your own Vase, or better yet, create 3 small vases of 4 – 6 flowers each.  Put one by the side of your partners bed, the other in the kitchen and another near her bathroom sink or bathtub.  Honestly I can put these type of floral arrangements together for around $30-$40 dollars, which would normally be over $150 if you bought at a floral shop.

Vary things up a little bit as well, sometimes having a floral arrangement delivered to your spouse at work or home can add flare.  I hear people like when they get a floral arrangement in front of their coworkers, the attention triggers more affection and appreciation.  If you make the floral arrangement yourself, you can ask a neighorhood kid to deliver it for you or have a friend deliver it for you while you are at work.

Hope this helps and remember, keep the romance alive people.

-Justin Germino

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