My Kids Do the Darndest Things – Part 1

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So my three year old son who after one week of potty training has had very few accidents and successfully knows to “use the potty” when he has to pee did something quite original the other day. He is constantly trying to pee standing up like his six year old brother and his dad (moi) do, and in doing so he learned very quickly that he has his own personal fire hose. He was caught in the backyard with his pants down filling the dogs water dish with pee and when my wife caught him he said “Feeding Porky” (our dog’s name). Seriously, imagine the expression on someones face when you see your three year old naked form the waist down filling your dogs water dish with pee in the yard.

These are the moments you remember for life as a parent, and wait until we tell his wife or girlfriends about the time he filled the dogs dish with pee when he was little. That’s right kid, you are just creating ammunition for the embarrassing story marathon that will follow you your whole life.

I have said it four times already this week, Potty Training is one of the toughest jobs parents have to do with toddlers. Though we are mostly successful, our three year old would still rather not use the toilet for #2 which is quite disgusting and makes me gag and wretch whenever I have to deal with the aftermath.

Joys of being a father, why couldn’t I afford a full time nanny?

-Justin Germino

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