Police Officer Taser’s 12 Year Old Students

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I am not opposed to Police doing demonstration in schools about the gear they use which includes the Taser which I think is a highly effective non-lethal weapon. Even though the Taser has killed some people and there are some risks and unique scenario’s I still think the Taser is an effective tool to disable rather than kill or permanently injure an offender who is threatening, hostile or dangerous. A Policy officer in Kankakee, Illinois performed an unauthorized Taser demonstration and used three 12 year old students as volunteers then you have to call into question the common sense thinking of the officer.

Why would you think to Taser kids at that age as a demonstration of how a Taser works, if you really wanted to do a proper demonstration you would always use an adult volunteer. Why would an officer be giving an unauthorized demonstration of the Taser to a public Junior High school?

The officer is on administrative leave, and lawsuits are being filed by the parents of the students who are also seeking to have the officer fired and criminal charges filed as well.

Seriously, where is common sense here?

-Justin Germino

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