Clash of the Titans Remake

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As a kid I always enjoyed the original Clash of the Titans, it was a campy and fun movie. When I saw the trailer for the remake of Clash of the Titans while seeing Avatar, I was floored at how awesome the movie looks. No campiness at all, but a full action flick where the monsters look meticulously crafted and the movie has a much darker and creepier tone than the original. You can see the trailer here if you haven’t yet.

What do you think? Will the Clash of the Titans remake be great, or should they have not bothered to remake a classic?

PS, the Kraken is one wicked looking beast in the new Clash of the Titans.

Bonus: Did you know the creature used in the original Clash of the Titans, was the exact claymation beast used in 10,000,000 miles to Venus (a much older film)?

-Justin Germino

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