Multiplying Scorpions

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barkscorpionFinding another 3 scorpions in the last week in my house has me confirming with what was reported in the Arizona local news. Scorpions are multiplying and this is one of the worst years for scorpions around the valley. The reason is simple, foreclosed homes become breeding grounds for crickets which are food for scorpions. They setup nests and spread out across communities where there are lots of abandoned homes.

There were three abandoned homes on my street alone, one right across from the street where the weeds and yard ran amuck with 5 foot grass and various grotesque weeds. I mowed them when I could but it was barely enough to do much damage against the “sore thumb” appearance of the property.

Bark scorpions the most common kind found in Casa Grande, are very small some as little as 5cm in size and they hide under chairs, table legs, kids toys, weave in and out of the carpet and are small enough to fit in your light sockets and get in an out of there. They crawl up from drains, they are excellent swimmers and can swim up and climb out of your toilets and sinks.

Fortunately nobody in the family has been stung by one yet, but we continue to find at least 2-3 a week in the house. If we are finding that many, there must be dozens of others lurking in the walls and in places we can’t see. At least there isn’t a single cockroach to be found anywhere in my place.

-Justin Germino

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