Excess Skin: A Side Effect of Losing Weight

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A friend and I were discussing one side effect to losing weight which is the sagging of skin around the mid section, some of it tightens with exercise and time, but unfortunately once skin stretches from gaining weight and you lose the weight, whether it be from diet pills or exercise, you will be left with excess skin that hangs like a flap around the areas where your fat was stored.

As my friend and I discussed about potential solutions, the only solution I could see is some sort of plastic surgery to remove the excess skin, there just isn’t any other way to completely firm up when you have lost enough weight to have a flap of skin left over. Who could afford the thousands of dollars for such surgery or want to take the risks?

Really though if this happens to you, you should be happy with your weight loss and be thankful you are getting healthier. If it is excessive, like 100+ pounds of weight loss and there is so much excessive skin then I feel it is perfectly justified to get the surgery if you can afford it and save up for it.

-Justin Germino

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