Uncontrollable Stress and Anxiety?

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I find myself suffering problems again with my stomach where I start off the morning with a stomach ache that gradually gets worse throughout the day until I find myself vomiting around 2-3pm every other day, or sometimes two days in a row. These are the same type of stomach issues I was having last year and the year before and come and go in my life. It seems that my mind creates unnecessary stress that causes anxiety which causes me to have severe stomach problems and acidity issues which leads to throwing up.

The stupid thing is I can’t pinpoint what is causing the stress that would be making me feel this miserable last week?
Is it going to the fair last weekend?
Is it that I may be a speaker/presenter at CA World again in April 2010?
Is it that I have to put together a presentation for upper management in a few weeks?
Is it home stress?
Is it worry about my wife’s Halloween Show and hope that it succeeds and does well for her company?

I tend to have no reason for suffering the physical stomach ailments, yet I know they are anxiety and stress related. Sometimes food triggers them, but in other cases they are just because I don’t have a good way to just relax emotionally and just “Hakuna Matata”. Yet I tell myself there is no need to fret on anything and I believe it, but my internal mind just tightens up like a knotted ball.

I may be needing to seek out some meditation techniques soon if I can’t seem to figure out how to solve my stress issues, or at least find the causes.

-Justin Germino

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