Moved to New VPS Hosting Provider

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On Friday I migrated this site and my poetry blog over to my new custom VPS hosting provided by and they have been very pleasant to work with in making the transition by helping me move my files/databases and even helping me optimize my PHP and SQL engines for best performance possible.

I feel the support I have received is among the best out of any hosting provider and the technical proficiency of the engineer I worked with was outstanding.  This wasn’t any first level help desk support, but an actual WordPress export who had experience with migrating and optimizing hundreds of WordPress installs.

I wasn’t disappointed with HostMonster it’s just that I noticed my site traffic started causing the shared hosting to throttle my cpu utilization which was impacting performance and pageload times on my site.

It was time to migrate to VPS hosting that can grow with RAM, CPU and Bandwidth usage as my sites grow and MyHosting with custom flexible packages and their exceptional support convinced me they were worth taking a chance on.

-Justin Germino


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Updated: May 27, 2011 — 12:19 pm