Memorial Weekend Update

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Really it was poor timing for my wife and I to come down sick at the start of a 3 day weekend, though I came down with a bad cold on Friday night my wife had caught it by Saturday evening.

Sore throats, chills, headaches and nasal problems didn’t stop us from getting a few chores done like organizing the garage and attic and getting stuff ready for a yard sale as well as taking the boys to see Kung-Fu Panda 2 on Sunday.

I installed a Clothesline in the yard finally after getting some decent stucco anchors from Home Depot, but didn’t have the oomph to cut the dead branches off of my Jacaranda tree which looks like it has skeletal fingers poking into the sky don’t you think?


Will have to catch up on the yard work next weekend when feeling a bit better, meanwhile I always feel it is a waste to get sick on your days off of work because that is your only real time to enjoy yourself and have fun.  Spending them sick is like being cheated out of some relaxation and fun time and I can’t

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