Finally Installed a Dog Door

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After spending the last year being woken up at least 1 and sometimes 2 times a night to have to go let the dogs out in the back to use the restroom. We decided to get a doggy door and install it on the back patio sliding door.  I didn’t want something that would involve cutting a hole in my wall because it would be harder to undo later on.


It wasn’t too much trouble to setup, but we finally got it installed and Donut the oldest Boston Terrier figured out how to use it in 5 minutes.  Porky on the other hand was afraid to push the dog door open with his head and would only go through it if you held it open for him.  By the 2nd day he was able to follow Donut out if she already opened it ahead of him and before it closed and finally he was able to open it to go out but for some reason was afraid to push on it to come back in.  As it turns out by the end of the 2nd day he figured it out but now he goes outside so often just to bark at random noises, I think the doggy door only exacerbates his paranoia. 



We love Porky, but honestly sometimes I think of him as the Patrick Starfish of Boston Terriers.

-Justin Germino

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