3rd PC Station Needed

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My youngest is asking for his own computer recently and has just started testing the waters of playing games like Runes of Magic and other games online.  I am going to have to configure a third computer station in my office at some point so both kids can come up and just plugin and the three of us can all game side by side together online.

Right now my oldest is having fun with Nickelodeon’s MonkeyQuest when we aren’t playing Warcraft III or Lord of the Rings: Battle for Middle Earth II.  Maybe Santa will give my youngest a new laptop this Christmas or he will get lucky on his birthday but I am just not sure if he would use it as much as his older brother who has always preferred the PC to console games.

My youngest is just as happy playing Xbox360 or Wii as long as he is playing with somebody whereas my oldest prefers gaming to involve a keyboard and mouse combination and does not like any other method of gaming.

Pretty interesting how early on their gaming preferences come out and start to display.  I would tend to agree with my oldest that I prefer the Keyboard/Mouse for gaming vs the gamepad.  I am finding that even with an Xbox360 I prefer my PC for gaming a bit more and should be upgrading it shortly.

I am considering upgrading my PC then putting together some of the older components in a new case for my Son and having him use that PC as his new one while giving the laptop to my youngest.  Figure I could get 3 workable PC’s for about $800 which would be like 2 new ones plus the existing laptop.  Definitely something to save up for, and my PC needs are quite expensive as I want the latest MoBo and an Intel i7 with no less than a GeForce 570 video card.

-Justin Germino

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