Most Flatulent Dog on the Planet

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Yes, that cute face right there comes with a wicked side effect.


This dog has the worst gas you could possibly imagine, we are talking so bad his stomach and noxious expulsions can be heard from across the room sometimes and smelled from a mile away.  It is like a skunk constantly fumigating our home.  Even taking the dog on a car trip to Pet Smart, we had to drive with the windows open as he kept stinking up the car.
For those who don’t know, Boston Terriers are the most “Flatulent” breed of dog on the planet, proclaimed by Animal Planet.  It is because of their constant intake and swallowing of air in their mouths, the air gets trapped in their gut and ferments.  But he is so cute and such a well mannered and friendly loving dog, we just have to wear gas masks when we are around him sometimes.

-Justin Germino

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