Lunch Break and Finger Printed

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I had to go down with my wife to my son’s Charter School to be fingerprinted today, all of the parents for the school are required to do 12 hours per year of volunteer work for the school and require fingerprinting and background checks before you begin the volunteer work.  While getting my fingers printed, I noticed the volunteer sign in sheet was still very manual, where volunteers had to sign in on a paper their start time and end time.  It made me wonder why the school doesn’t implement a badge and barcode scanner where you just scan your time in and out and it records in a computer for fool proof accuracy. This way you would just hold your badge under the scanner when entering and leaving, it just seems like a more logical and automated choice.

I do think it is a great idea that this Arizona Charter School enforces fingerprinting, this is a safeguard to make sure nobody with a criminal background is working around the children. Perhaps though to conserve funding they didn’t want to have to print up badges for all volunteers and require a computer for handling the in/out process. Maybe they could implement it in the future.

-Justin Germino

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