How Much Asbestos Still Exists?

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With all of the news advertisements and media commercials for treatments of Mesothelioma, I wonder how much Asbestos legislation has really changed over the last several decades. Do we really know how much still exists in old buildings and is exposure still a risk for children and adults in various scenario’s? I remember when my school back in NY had to be modified to remove the Asbestos, this was a long time ago and the school was very very old. The school had it done over a summer, they had to redo the paint, rip open walls and more.

How many years from now are we going to hear about the poisoning and health conditions for PCB poisoning and Phthalates causing health problems decades from now where you will need legal help to compensation claim. What is true is that chemicals and products over the years have never been fully tested properly for health side effects, companies rush products to market without any thought about long term side effects.

-Justin Germino

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