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I don’t know very many people personally who use the site, but so far I have had two articles offered up front payments of $3 and $2.67 respectively, which are very low but the fact is I post on my blog for free, and these are articles that I at least get paid for. So this made me wonder, if you wrote an average of 2 articles in an hour that were submission worthy, and you were paid an average of $2.50 per article, you could easily make an extra $25 per week ($100 per month) just submitting original content to Associated Content.

I wonder how many people are just writing content for Associated Content or other sites like it instead of blogging, it seems you could build up a following and earn several hundred bucks a month by putting in about 5 to 10 hours per week on the site. Does anybody else subscribe and submit content to Associated Content?

-Justin Germino

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