Bad Time To Start A Small Business?

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With the business market becoming tougher and tougher I notice some small retail shops here in Casa Grande are suffering really bad and doing creative things to cut costs, one place which has pottery painting actually broke their lease on a building to move to a cheaper building in downtown which costs much less per square foot. They are willing to take the risk of being sued just to try and cut costs for their business to survive.

For people who want to open their own service oriented businesses like Karate Schools, Arcades, Hobby Shops or the like it is getting harder and harder to find Funding for Businesses. I still wanted to open up a Hobby shop someday, where I would sell role playing and other related gaming material, but also have a rentable gaming environment where people could pay and play Wii, PS3, or Online games for a small fee per hour.

I think there is a market for these types of media entertainment places where people can come and play multiplayer games face to face in crowds, host tournaments and the like. Would you play Guitar Hero at home by yourself, or prefer to meet at a hobby shop and play with dozens of other people for a few hours per day for only a few bucks an hour. Think about it, I just don’t have the capital or guts to take the risk for such an investment, but I think its a good idea.

For questions on funding for businesses, Jon M Queen can help in giving enlightenment over the pressing issues. Know more about Jon Queen’s background here.

-Justin Germino

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