Spring Break And Bad Behavior

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I was reading the Casa Grande Dispatch newspaper this week and the city’s paper still posts the police incidents that are recorded each and every day. It is a good way to know what is happening around the community, but it is sometimes frightening when you see how much criminal activity actually occurs within a 10-15 mile radius of where you live.

One thing I noticed this week as the number of shoplifting and underage incidents skyrocketed and was up like 200% from weeks where kids are in school. Seventeen shoplifting cases by kids under 17 occurred this week in the paper, and many more underage drinking and curfew violation incidents. A few were even flat out robberies by younger teenagers which is astounding.

All of this makes me wonder one simple question: Where are the parents?

I understand that many single working parents have to do something with their children during spring break, but children cannot be left home alone unattended even if they are fifteen or sixteen and it is legal for the most part they will still get into trouble.

Children and Teens need to be enrolled in activities to keep them busy, there are affordable activities out there through local YMCA, Boys & Girls Club and others. Even if you have to drop them off and pick them up several hours later, you should keep them busy and focused.

Children often are worse in groups where just one child with a bad idea can quickly convince or gain confidence to perform some activity they may regret later. It is safer to have children in the company of an adult whether it is at your house or another parents house, but keeping them supervised and nearby is better than leaving them to their own devices.

Just one of my opinions.

-Justin Germino

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