New Month and a New Start

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I have been sick for so many weeks now that I barely remember what it feels like to have energy and be vibrant like my normal self.  My ear infection and ringing particularly was bad on Friday and into Saturday which drove me nuts.  The company that makes the Eardoc had read about my ailment and offered to send me a free product ($59.99) value if I were willing to do a video review and I happily accepted hoping that the product would be shipped fast enough to provide relief while my ear was still filled with fluid and ringing like the Liberty Bell meets a rattlesnake hiss.

Meanwhile, I read on CNN and some other sites that you shouldn’t work out when you are sick, I considered if doing some running/cardio or enough exercise to get my blood pumping would help fight infection and viruses, but instead according to the medical reports I was reading it can increase the risk of the blood pumping such infections to other parts of your body including your heart which would be very bad.  Also the same endorphins that make your body feel good and give you energy when working out also tend to stress your immune system if you work out to hard.

So, I am just going to have to start working out again when my illness fully subsides.  In the meantime, my wife caught my illness and came down just as sick as I.  We had to even run her last concert for Rock Along Productions on Saturday night which kept us up until around 3am while both suffering from the illness which was very rough.  She isn’t too happy with me the past few days for infecting her with my bug.

Meanwhile, I have said this before and I will say it again.  If you have a sinus infection, throat or ear infection do not try and wait it out, go to the doctor sooner.  My mistake was I waited about 8 days before going to Urgent Care, had I gone within four or five days I may have recovered before I would have even passed it on to my wife.  Now at fourteen days I am still not completely recovered.

-Justin Germino

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