Lingering Head Infection Continues

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At 16 days now this is officially the longest sinus/ear/throat infection I have ever had in my life, after going to Urgent Care a 2nd time on Monday of this week they prescribed stronger antibiotics and some ear drops to help try and get my poor inflamed and hurting ear under control.  It is very out of the norm for me to get this sick as I only usually get a few colds per year and maybe have taken an average of 2-3 sick days per year compared to this year.

My whole job depends on being on conference calls all day long which is hard when your ear is so full of fluid and your eardrum is ringing and hissing like a boiling tea kettle.  I can barely hear even out of my less infected ear and concentration is severely affected.  Hopefully these new antibiotics are strong enough to start working fast, and I hope I can recover quickly.

By the way, I don’t recall having an ear infection in the past 20 years, I know now why babies and toddlers scream and cry when they get bad ear infections.  They Hurt, and not a little bit, the eardrum and area is very sensitive and I would rather have a severe throat infection or my sinuses infected again, it is less painful than having your eardrum infected.

-Justin Germino

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