Windows Live Writer Losing Some Usefulness

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I had touted the benefits of Live Writer and really loved the previous version of the product but recently some changes both in the new Live Writer 2010 and my own blog have made the external blogging client less than efficient.  The primary thing is my blog theme on changed to a magazine style theme that Live Writer is unable to import and render properly, this makes it hard to write posts and gauge how they will display on the site since the Preview Mode in WLW is non-functional since it can’t detect and use my blog theme.

The second issue is that my blog theme uses the Use Featured Image functionality of WordPress 3.x and this isn’t supported by Live Writer, so I constantly have to publish or save my posts to my blog, then edit them online and set the featured image.  This slows down my productivity further in using Live Writer and there shouldn’t be a reason why a module can’t be developed that integrates Live Writer to support the WordPress Featured Image since it is built into the platform and isn’t an extension.

Finally, the Windows 2010 version of Live Writer with its ribbon interface is slower at getting to the various menu’s and information I used to edit.  In the previous version I could edit all my post meta information (Slug, Summary, Tags and Category) from one page, now I have to open a drop down just to edit the summary and the slug which slows me down.  To top it all off the new Windows 2010 version of Live Writer doesn’t support cutting and pasting images directly from Paint.NET like the older version of Live Writer, I have to save the file first and then upload it.

I still use Live Writer for my personal blog and poetry blog where it works, but am rapidly resorting to typing posts again in my WordPress editor as the functionality of Live Writer isn’t keeping pace with the changes in the WordPress world.

I hope updates are coming out soon.

-Justin Germino

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Updated: November 1, 2010 — 10:37 am