Halloween Time Again

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Looking forward to taking my boys trick or treating this afternoon, my boys have elected to go as Mario and Luigi for Halloween and they make such a great matching pair.  Meanwhile, illness delayed carving pumpkins until the day before Halloween and I just didn’t have the oomph to do something overly creative like my gory pumpkin from two years ago.

Something interesting this year, there is a dental clinic in Casa Grande that will pay kids $1 for every pound of Halloween candy they turn in.  We are going to have our kids keep only a handful of candy and turn in the rest and get some money instead.  This way they earn some money and don’t end up with an overindulgent pile of candy that will rot their teeth and tempt them into poor(er) eating habits.

Hope everyone has a safe Halloween tonight, make sure if going out after dark that you wear reflectors and light clothing.

Here were the pics of our pumpkins this year:

My wife made a Pirate pumpkin, while I made a 4 eyed spider pumpkin with mandibles.  My eldest son worked on a Demon pumpkin, while I helped my youngest with a traditional little pumpkin.

-Justin Germino

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