Monk Finale was Incredible

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With USA Networks Monk being over I had to reflect that this was one of the best TV shows over the past few years. Tony Shalhoub was so convincing and good as the obsessive compulsive detective it will be hard to see him in any other role without expecting him to stutter, shift or touch objects as he walks past them. The series finale of Monk was brilliantly done and answered all the questions that viewers have had over the past years, including what happened to Trudy and closing the mystery of what happened to her twelve years ago.

The show left the ending wide open and easily could have been continued if Tony Shalhoub wanted to pick up and continue the show, but I heard he was tired of playing the same character after five years and was ready to move on to other roles. I wonder if there will be a Monk movie?

-Justin Germino

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