Disney’s Phineas and Ferb

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phinpherbNot too long ago my kids were watching a show on the Disney Channel and I sat down with them to see what the Phineas and Ferb show is all about. I was pleasantly surprised just how much I enjoyed this show myself and often will sit and watch new episodes I hadn’t seen before even if I am by myself sometimes. The show is all about two brothers “Phineas and Ferb” on their summer vacation from school, each day they decide to do something new and use their brilliant minds to create some of the most complex and imaginative gadgets, inventions and have incredible adventures. Meanwhile their older sister Candace is often trying to “Bust” them by having mom catch the boys doing something incredible, though in the later episodes Candace often joins her brothers and/or appreciates the things they do.

The show also has their pet Platypus named Perry who is a secret agent on the side. Perry constantly thwarts the evil genius Dr. Doofenshmirtz, which features some of the most oddball and humorous side plots in the episodes. The sheer genius behind what the writers come up with make me laugh just writing this review. What I really like about the show is that there is no real violence, language, horror, or anything to object to. It keeps the entertainment pure, fun and simple without needing to add any “shock” value to the show. The innocent minds of the show and how everything fits is the shows charm, and since I have two sons the antics of Phineas and Ferb remind me of how my own boys interface with each other when they play as well as bring back some of my own childhood memories with my brother.

Without a doubt Phineas and Ferb is one of the best shows on the Disney channel and is one of the best kids shows I have seen, it is entertaining for three year olds up to eighty year olds, and at thirty two years of age I catch as many of them as I can because they are pure and simple fun.

Here is a video clip of Phineas and Ferb singing to have Perry come home:

-Justin Germino

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