My Toddler is Growing Up

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My youngest son transitioned from sleeping in his crib to sleeping in the bottom bunk of his brother’s bunk bed on Friday night, this is the first phase as we needed to have him sleeping in a big boy bed before we started potty training him (or trying to). At first we had thought the two brothers would keep each other up all night playing games and fooling around the first few nights they slept in the same room together but instead the oldest fell asleep first and the youngest calmly went to sleep in the big boy bed and didn’t give us any trouble. I honestly think he was a little scared to come out of bed so he just stayed in the bed until he fell asleep, his older brother had told us that he asked if there were “any monsters in his room” before they went to sleep.

This means that our youngest child’s room now has an empty crib which feels a little strange, we have had at least one “baby” in the house for the past six years with the two children.

-Justin Germino

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