Water Bill Confusion

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My Water bill has been greatly inflated lately and this is in part to Arizona having to comply with the new federal guidelines on Arsenic safety. Arizona had among the highest levels of arsenic in the drinking water supply at almost 50 parts per billion which used to be the former limit set by the Food and Drug Administration. Now it is 25 parts per billion and all water companies have to upgrade and filter the water more efficiently to reduce the arsenic levels in the water supply. This results in an “arsenic surcharge” on most Arizona water company bills which inflates the water bill for having safer drinking water.

This wasn’t my only issue, I noticed that my water bill showed my house having a 180% increase in water usage over the past two months from the same two months last year. I don’t have any runny toilets, faucets or drips that I can find and I can’t account for why my water meter would show my house using almost 3x the amount of water these last two months. I am going to have to call the water company and get the meter checked out.

-Justin Germino

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Updated: December 6, 2009 — 3:13 pm