Microphone Is Lost

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I cannot find the microphone part of my TurtleBeach Ear Force HPA headphones, I unplug the small microphone attachment periodically as sometimes it creates feedback when playing audio in winamp. I have scoured everywhere for it and just cannot find it, this was my best microphone and I just bought it as a replacement for the one my two year old dipped in iced tea back in January.

This little microphone attachment will set me back about $30 if I have to rebuy it, in the meantime I am hard pressed to create any more audio poetry or screen capture demonstrations with only my backup USB microphone which doesn’t have nearly as good recording quality.

It is amazing how when you have little kids stuff just disappears, DVD’s, CD’s, library books, kitchen silverware and gadgets make their way to limbo as a two year old finds and teleports these objects into a random dimension from which they are never to be recovered. It must be the same place that all the missing left socks in the world go to, some sort of black hole.

I will just have to save up some more blog money to buy a new one if I don’t find it by the end of the week.

-Justin Germino

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