Hauling Garbage To City Dump

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We had a massive yard sale a few weeks ago and much of the leftovers were turned over to charity and whatever they wouldn’t accept we decided to haul to the city dump. There was a surprising amount of left over garbage that was unusable and in poor condition that had been collected by the family for over thirty years. Most of the stuff added to our yard sale came from my wife’s parents and had stuff that was from the fifties and sixties.

If it had not been for my father in law owning his own Nissan truck I would have had to pay for a truck rental to get all the stuff loaded and hauled to the city dump. Fortunately Casa Grande allows residents to dump up to a half ton of garbage for free at the city dump and I was able to get the stuff offloaded.

Meanwhile there is still enough decent items left over to hold one more yard sale and my wife will probably hold one this weekend coming up.

-Justin Germino

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