Working When Sick Is One Telecommuting Benefit

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One advantage to being able to telecommute for your business is the ability to work from home when you have a bad cold or mild flu. If you are able to work but are sick enough that you would have taken a sick day, you can instead telecommute and know that you aren’t spreading germs around the office and infecting other people.

I would think more companies will leverage the telecommuting option where they can as reducing employee’s from getting sick can increase employee productivity and efficiency which in turns increases company revenue. Many companies still are slow to adopt or take advantage of telecommuting plans and policies and the more companies that jump on the bandwagon the more we will see this become prevalent and a key asset in searching for jobs.

I for one appreciate the telecommuting that is available to me and utilize it to be as productive and efficient as possible, I am not one to slouch and often work nine or ten hour business days to keep on top of my busy schedule. This allows me to work the extra time that I would normally be spending on the road driving, so I can basically use the same amount of time and get more hours of work put in by telecommuting.

Even while I am sick, though I have just a cold so it is not so bad to work, but at least I don’t have to drive into the office and worry about getting everyone else sick in the process.

-Justin Germino

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