Friendly People Beget Friends

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One thing I have found while on this blogging journey I have undertaken seven months ago is that you quickly find out who are very friendly and outgoing people and who really think they are above the rest and don’t really socialize very well. I have found some really amazing bloggers and writers online who have been so helpful in sharing information and engaging in open communication seeing the benefit of teaching and learning from someone joining the party so to speak.

Then there have been some who consider themselves above giving advice or even communicating with someone who is still a little low on the totem pole. You find people like this every day in day to day life, you can tell by the unfriendly glares, the disgusted looks and general unpleasant vibe you get from being around such people.

I just have little tolerance as I get older for the snobby, stuck up and generally unpleasant and angry people who have lost the ability to show compassion and empathy for fellow human beings. They should spend all their time writing Colonix reviews as punishment for being so unsocial and unwilling to be friendly.

Moral of this little post is this, being friendly to others begets friendly responses back in most cases. You never know who you might connect with and you really should be respectful of anyone and everyone that crosses your path.

-Justin Germino

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