Merry Christmas To My Friends And Readers

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As I was looking forward to seeing the smiles on my children’s faces as they unwrap their presents from Santa Clause today I wanted to tell all of my readers and friends that I hope everyone has a special holiday season this year.  I have made so many friends and gotten to know so many fellow bloggers and I hope each of you has something you wanted under your tree for you this very day.  Make sure you take some time out for your family and friends if you can.  I know some of you may have to work on Christmas Day and if thats the case at least you can be happy you are still working right?

Each and everyone celebrates Christmas or the Holiday’s differently and there are so many wonderful traditions out there, one of the ones we do in my family is allow all gifts from the grandparents to be opened by the kids on Christmas Eve, as well as the adults exchanging and opening gifts.  We save Christmas Morning so we can focus solely on the kids opening their gifts from Santa Clause, I usually film the event with my JVC Everio Digital Camera and make a Holiday DVD for future years.

I have no idea what I will get this Christmas and was hoping for a Hellboy 2 or Iron Man DVD, so maybe I just might have some cool entertainment to watch tonight (not like I haven’t seen them before, but I am always willing to watch again.)

Merry Christmas to all.

-Justin Germino

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