My Christmas Day

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My Christmas Day was a great memory this year and started at 5:40 in the morning when my two year old woke up.  We had decided to wait until the grandparents came over at 7am to go downstairs and see the presents, so I kept the baby on my lap and did a little blogging work.  Then my five year old woke up at 6:20am and I knew I could keep the kids upstairs only a short time longer, we woke mom up and laid in bed with the kids drinking milk and watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on TV.  I called our parents up and asked them to come over as soon as possible and they arrived just fifteen minutes later.

I had the Video camera rolling to record the kids excitement when they saw and opened their presents and I could barely hide my own inner child as I got to see and play with all the cool toys and games that my kids received this year.  My favorite memories indeed revolve around the whole family just coming together and enjoying each others company while the kids are in pure bliss.  Was a very good Christmas this year, and only the rain prevented the kids from using their Power Wheels Jeep outside.

They had plenty to keep them busy inside though as the oldest received action figures, clay, a lightsaber, 2 board games and a bunch of Planet Heroes stuff.  The baby got the #1 item this year, the Spike The Ultrasaurus which astounded the entire family.  We all had to take turns playing with it, it is the most amazing remote controlled dinosaur and full of fun and surprises.  Our two year old loves pressing the remote but is scared to get up close to it (it is bigger than him) but he loves laughing as it roars, sniffs, and chuckles.

I hope everyone made some good Christmas Memories this year and I would like to hear about them.

-Justin Germino

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