Bad Luck Monday Spills Over To Tuesday

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My bad luck from yesterday spilled over to today a little bit as after my fridge was installed this morning the family took a trip to Chandler to pick up our Honey Baked Ham.  I had to stop at my office to get mail and send some mail and when I arrived at my desk I see that the ceiling is nearly collapsed and there is a puddle of water all over my desk equipment, floor, and wall.  The ceiling must have leaked from last nights store, so on my day off of work I had to get in touch with building maintenance and the security guard downstairs and show him the damage over my work area.

It is a good thing I telecommute as I am sure the amount of water damage is going to require the wall and ceiling to be ripped open, I think it will probably take at least two weeks to fix in my opinion.  Ah well, at least I caught it before it had worsened, nobody was in the office and this leak would probably have gone unnoticed for another few days had I not caught it.

Was nice spending the day with the family nobody has to work in my house the rest of the week and we can just enjoy the holidays, I am looking forward to Christmas Eve tomorrow with my in-laws coming over for dinner.  Wife is making Spaghetti Pie (really really good) and we have Shrimp Cocktail bought fresh from AJ’s as appetizer with a fruit covered angel food cake for dessert.

Merry Christmas Eve my friends,

Justin Germino

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