A Case Of The Mondays

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Today was a case of the Monday’s if you ever had one, and to happen the same week as Christmas is just bitter irony.  It all started when my refrigerator’s A/C Compressor died sometime yesterday unnoticed and all my freezer items were thawed and ruined.  I had to purchase a new fridge this morning from Lowes, which will be delivered tomorrow morning.  As if that wasn’t enough my oldest son got sick and vomited on our carpet which we had to vacuum and shampoo the carpet twice.  In addition to that on the home front, I joined a business meeting where the primary customer we were waiting for never showed up for the call.

On the positive note, we get a new refrigerator and it’s a nice Whirlpool one that has stainless steel door’s, we have had the same Amana fridge for about 8 years and never really had too much trouble with it until last night.  The other positive note is that my son does not appear to have a stomach bug, was a one time puke thing and he was acting fine the rest of the day and even held some noodles and plain pasta down later on.

Tomorrow is going to be busy.

-Justin Germino

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