Meatball Subs at 2Good2B

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My wife and I have been meaning to try the gluten free meatball subs at 2Good2B bakery the next time were were in Encinitas, CA and they did not disappoint.

GF Meatball sub The gluten free bread is simply amazing and tastes great, the meatballs are incredible and my only wish was that the slathered more sauce on the bread under the meatballs instead of the small amount of sauce on top of the meatballs.  The bread is fairly thick so you need a little extra sauce in my opinion.

I also wish they offered foot long sizes, I could have had a larger portion (but maybe that is indulgence or gluttony?)

If you are on a Gluten Free diet, you won’t find much better than 2Good2B which has gluten free cakes, muffins, cookies, cupcakes, pies (including Chicken pot pies).  They not only don’t use wheat, but there is no soy or corn in any of their products either and they all taste so good.

Everything I have had to eat there (Quiches, French Toast, Cookies, Carrot Cake Cupcakes, Subs…etc) I have thoroughly enjoyed.

-Justin Germino

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