Amazon Associates and Influencers Here is How to Make More Money

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I have been an Amazon Associate for many years, since pre-2012 and have been leveraging every thing from multiple blogs, YouTube Channels, Facebook Pages, Groups, various other social networks all in gaining not quite true passive income but earnings that require merely doing some research and sharing and promoting the products that I have my team and I have personally reviewed, tested and endorse as anything I would be willing to promote I would have to be willing to stake my reputation on. As an influencer your reputation and ability to be trusted is your strongest and most important asset, you recommend the wrong product, or a flawed product and you lose that customer who won’t trust your recommendations anymore or associate you with a bad product or being untrustworthy. It takes years to establish trust and only a few minutes to lose it, so if you are going to use your connection with audience to promote, endorse and sell products make sure you put in the effort to stand behind it and back it up personally with your reputation.

With that being said there is a relatively new tool that is just gaining traction that is so big and I see becoming so valuable you need to jump on this opportunity right away. The best part is it doesn’t cost you anything to sign up as an associate or influencer and you can start making extra money within minutes of signing up, it is called Logie (Loh’Ghee) I pronounced it wrong a few times myself, so I phonetically spelled it out. What this service does it it connects brands and associates or influencers together without the influencer having to actually reach out to any brand at all. They leverage a combination of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to basically match and automate everything. This is the most advanced Amazon tool I have seen in the past 10+ years of working with Amazon as an associate and influencer and Logie gets even more powerful if you are an Amazon Live streamer, but you don’t have to be a live streamer you can just be an associate and benefit.

Now Logie has hundreds of features, so this article would be ten thousand words for me to cover it all, I will solely cover the best part.

How to make extra money above and beyond your Amazon associates commissions on products you sell.

Sign up for Logie at After you sign up and complete all the profile information stuff you are ready to roll. I have been using Logie for nearly a year, and I can tell you that the benefits and future potential coming will outweigh any concerns by a long shot here.

Now it is time to start earning those bonus commissions, and here is how. The first thing you need to know is Logie is still in BETA and they don’t have a large number of brands yet added, but this is changing and now is the time to jump in and take advantage to ride the wave. You are gonna want to log in and on the left hand menu expand the Manage section, then click on Products, here you should see the Opportunities tab.

Every product in the opportunities tab is paying a bonus commission on items sold, and as you can see at the time of this article there were 678 products you can earn bonus earnings from. Here is how you read this layout. At the top right is the bonus commission earning, example this product right here pays you 50% commissions on a single sale. This is above and beyond the % you earn from an Amazon commission.

At the top left you see if there are any active coupons for the product, at the bottom you see a Promote button which gives you the link with your associates tag (you setup in your profile) to get quick affiliate links.

When you click on promote, you get a popup to create new or add to existing draft.

Now if you click Next, you will see which type of content you want to create. This can be adding a Shoppable Video or Live Show (Amazon Influencer) or a Product Post (Amazon Associate)

Logie then gives you the option to generate a suggested title and description for the product to help save you time and get you started with some info.

Click on Generate Title and you get a small list of titles to choose from as a template, you have to choose one to get to the description generation.

You can also retry if you don’t like any of the initial titles that were drafted, Logie uses AI to scrape information from the product page to come up with both the title and description leveraging data points on what makes the best phrases for the product. On the next page you generate the description, and again you can re-try if you don’t like the initial summary. It even includes hashtages for the brand, your influencer channel and the proper #ad disclosure for sharing an affiliate link. Now it includes the full product link but I still recommend you shorten all affiliate links with or use your own custom tracking service to shorten and make links a bit easier to click on and copy paste.

You check mark the selection, click next then set the date and time of your post creation.

You can also have Logie Generate a thumbnail (it has powerful thumbnail creation options) or you can upload a thumbnail

Now the product is added to your Logie Storefront which you can get from your profile “visit storefront” mine is for example. This storefront is basically listing everything you have ever covered and acts as your primary page to direct people to to showcase the products you covered on Amazon.

You can use the link however sell the product anywhere on any social media platform or blog you leverage as long as you use the required disclosure hashtags and make sure that social media network is added as one of your websites in your Amazon account. You want to add your storefront to your website sitelist too here on your Amazon account.

Finally, there is a quicker way to just get the link to the Opportunity Products as well by just clicking on the image of the product, this expands a window of information about the product, as well as gives you your affiliate URL which you can copy to clip board or click on. You can also click “Grab a Sample” which is the same thing as the Truck icon in the summary list and this request a 50% off coupon for you to buy the product at 1/2 price, so that you can create hands on content with the product to earn your bonus commissions.

Now, currently Logie takes a 1% commission for themselves out of the bonus commission you see listed on the product, so if a product is paying 20% commission you get 19%, if a product pays 50% you get 49%…etc. They can get away with taking such a low commission cut because there is no human beings having to manage a relationship between the brand and the influencer, nobody has to manually upload and validate sales reports, it is all automated. Brand contracts with Logie, and distributes payment to Logie based on all sales, Logie provides all signed influencers with their cut based on their sales. It automatically matches the ASIN to your Amazon affiliate/influencer storeid and tracks it all. They also track it daily in real time, so you can see summary of your earnings growing on a daily basis when promoting Logie opportunity products.

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Remember to Sign Up for Logie now to get started on increasing your revenue just by promoting the Logie opportunities and this is a great way to get a passive revenue boost on top of your current Amazon sales commissions.

Any questions just ask, I have been using Logie for months and have taken the time to dive into this Beta program and it offers incredible value to influencers and associates, this article just taps the surface of what is capable. You can use Logie to help build Amazon Live Shows, Generate Thumbnails, track Live Show sales and performance, track Shoppable Videos, find which products are on upcoming deals and have coupons, find out which brands you sell the most of and which are your top selling products and so much more.

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Updated: May 19, 2023 — 6:32 pm