Reflections on The Past Year

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This was a year of great change for me, with my oldest son who is 19 having met his fiancé and married by the end of 2022 I wound up ending the year welcoming a daughter into the family.  This year had so much to reflect on and as I age I am finding time is becoming more and more valuable.  My youngest son meanwhile has also reached incredible milestones including getting his learners permit, learning to drive, getting accepted into a Fire Fighter Youth Explorer program, keeping his grades up even with very hard subjects like Physics and Algebra, and I am grateful and so proud of both my kids on their accomplishments.

My wife became full co-owner of DragonBlogger mid-2021 and last year was her first full year helping me moderate the live streams and assist the team while I was busy working my day job.  She helps interview new applications and creates content covering stuff in her specialty and we round out very well.  I really enjoy doing our Sunday co-hosting shows together, and having us be a “family business” so to speak and work together was a new dynamic to our long relationship that I think helped us become closer and work together.  Our different opinions and ideas mesh well to find compromise in our strategic goals for DragonBlogger.

Meanwhile, as an influencer and entrepreneur 2022 saw some amazing growth, in 2021 I was an influencer and growing, in 2022 DragonBlogger pretty much became a full influencer brand unto itself.  I find passion in working with brands and testing products and building relationships between my content creation team and the brands and stores we work with.  But I always take this very seriously, being an influencer means more than just trying to sell a product, it is about building relationships with your connections on all sides and establishing trust and ensuring you aren’t pitching or selling something that you don’t stand behind and endorse yourself or you could lose that trust.

I found that my time to play games and decompress has greatly reduced in 2022 and I would like to try to find a way to make more time to decompress in the future, my game time was a good way to just relax and have fun.  I do still find time to watch shows and movies with the family when I can, and I have some great recommendations for the year including:

My Fav Shows I saw in 2022

  • Wednesday – Netflix
  • Jujitsu Kaisen Anime – Crunchyroll
  • Chainsaw Man Anime – Hulu
  • Rings of Power – Amazon
  • Jack Reacher – Amazon
  • The Insider – Hulu

My Fav Movies I Saw in 2022

  • Avatar 2 – Loved this film so much
  • Bullet Train – Fantastic action film with Brad Pitt
  • Smile – One of the best Horrors I have seen in years
  • The Black Phone – Another great suspense movie

As cliché as it sounds, one of my goals for 2023 is to improve my fitness and reduce weight.  As well as go back to cutting down on caffeine intake, I had let myself go back up to 14 cups of coffee per day again and it is too much. 

On my influencer front 2023 I plan on focusing a lot more in the video short form space, which is something I have neglected for far too long.  Landscape long-format videos were mostly what we produced, but we have to grow in short-form media where the trends are, and this is where I intend to focus most of my growth.

I also intend to continue to aid Logie in growing as a platform for influencers and sellers, and highly recommend if you are an Amazon affiliate to look into this program as well.  I predict great things for this platform in 2023 and you want to get involved early.

I hope everyone had a great 2022 and starts 2023 with a bang.

Justin Germino
Gadget Reviewer and Technology blogger who lives in Southern California and dabbles into a little bit of everything.
Updated: January 1, 2023 — 9:40 am