Mafia vs Medicare

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I was actually shocked when reading the paper last week to find out that the Mafia is running so many scam rackets against Medicare that involve stealing Social Security numbers from the elderly and the homeless and using them to purchase medical equipment and bill Medicare. There have been a reported 50 fraudulent Medicare storefronts in Miami alone and 50 suspects in California have been arrested in the last three years alone. We are talking about hundreds of millions of dollars, billions perhaps over a decade that is robbed out of our infrastructure which only hurts the health care system overall for everyone.

Part of the problem is that there is more profit, less risk and lower prison sentences for medicare fraud than for Drug Trafficking so the organized crime syndicates are willing to take the risk and adapt into this system of white collar crime and fraud. The stakes however are getting higher now as people are being murdered and threatened over these frauds and schemes with the elderly being threatened to comply or risk physical injury.

The laws and law enforcement agencies need to be adapted to handle these criminal activities as quickly as the criminals themselves can adapt and find new ways to exploit the systems.

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