Attending Arizona State Fair

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I will be taking the family to the AZ State Fair next week as it is a great way to just get out and have a good time with the kids and family. Though I am terrified of heights and fast moving objects, this is one of the rare occasions I grit my teeth, close my eyes and get on the rides with my kids just so they can have fun.

The Arizona State Fair thought it can be costly is worth it if you have the money, there are dozens of rides, carnival games and foods to sample and regret later. It is simply carnival fun and I have attended nearly every year of the last 14 years I have lived in Arizona. It is even more fun when you have children, but I remember when my wife and I were dating and we were teenagers and I had won one of those prize gifts for her, it was a wizard from one of the fair carnival games. She still has that little stuffed animal wizard to this day fourteen years later. This is one of the memories that makes the fair so fond for me.

-Justin Germino

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