Hyper Surfing Part 2

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Okay there was a debacle with Cox it would seem, they told me all I needed was the Docsis 3.0 modem and they can flip on the super high speed, but it turns out they mislead me. They have to send a technician to “configure” my cable modem professionally. There is a 99% chance I could do it over the phone, but they won’t help me configure it myself. My guess is that there is a way to configure the modem to channel bond and use too much bandwidth so they need to send a professional to configure it so you can’t get more than your paying for. Either way my broadband should increase from 15mbps / 1 mbps to 25mpbs / 1.5 mbps sometime this morning after the installation technician comes out.

In my residential area we can’t yet get the D3 speeds that you can see in some cities with download speeds 50mbps and above, some cities boasting 100+ mbps now with certain D3 services. I would like to see uploads higher than 1.5 mbps, preferably the 50/5mbps service would be ideal if it were offered here.

-Justin Germino

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